Kylo – Star Wars Hello Parody (feat. solos by the Solos)

Disfrutad del nuevo vídeo titulado originalmente “Kylo – Star Wars Hello Parody (feat. solos by the Solos)” publicado hoy.

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Kylo – Star Wars Hello Parody (feat. solos by the Solos)
Esta es la descripción con que se acompaña el vídeo:

Me parto….y es que no puede ser de otra manera, la culpa es de YouTube que no tiene fin…Una oda intergalactica a la familia Solo, así describen los culpables de este vídeo la canción, parodia del grandioso Hello de Adele,que podéis disfrutar en el vídeo. Al final de artículo tenéis la letra para que lo deis todo en una sesión de cante en casa. Hace unas semanas ya os ofrecimos una genial parodia del programa El Jefe Infiltrado con el actor Adam Diver (Kylo) poniéndose en la piel de un operario de la estrella de la muerte. Aquí tenéis el enlace


Si sois de aquellas personas raras y extrañas que aún no ha visto el Episodio VII, ni se te ocurra ver el vídeo, estas avisado.

Kylo, it’s me.
It’s your daddy Han,
Your mom wants you to come back home with me.
To go over, everything.
Like how you killed all of the Jedi,
and sent Luke into hiding.


It’s Ren! Not Ben!
Ben was a weak and foolish boy,
just like his father Han.
Though torn apart, inside,
I know I must always obey Supreme Leader Snoke who’s my guide.
There’s such a difference, between us.

Under 12 parsecs.

Kylo, it’s the Light Side.
Just go back and apologize,
and say sorry to your mom and your dad,
and your uncle Luke, who is super sad.

Kylo, it’s the Dark Side.
Just commit some patricide,
and your training will be, almost complete,
you’ll be strong as Vader, and won’t that be neat.

That’d be sweet.

Hello, what just happened?
Some kind of inner dialogue,
poorly expressed on the big screen?
I’ve got a schedule, to keep.
A lot of people are expecting me to blow up Death Star 3.

Han, I know,
what I must do,
but I need your help.

Kylo, I am here for you, (Here for you)
even if you run me through. (Run me through)
So screw Snoke, the First Order, and stop wearing black.
Just come home and maybe mom will get off my back.

Okay, I will come with you, (Come with you)
but first there’s something I must do. (I must do)
So take my lightsaber, and hold it like this,
and I’ll press this button and stab you in your chest!

In my chest!

(Ow, ow, ow, ow)
Ooh, In your chest!
Ooh, in your chest!
Ooh, In your chest!
Ooh, in your chest!

Solo, now that you have died, (You have died)
I’m definitely on the Dark Side. (On the Dark Side)
No more tossing and turning throughout the night,
No more inner demons that I have to fight.

Kylo, before I say goodbye, (Good bye)
just tell your mom I really tried, (Really tried)
to keep you from turning into a really bad guy,
but I clearly failed, and that’s why I died.
So goodbye.